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Klothfine is a reputable premier supplier of top-quality workwear and uniforms for businesses, organizations and institutions.

With a unique insight into the most challenging perspectives of the workwear industry, klothfine's lines of products boost performance, maximize safety and strengthen self-confidence.

klothfine's proven ability to understand the diverse needs, styles, cultures and policies of our clients is priceless. After many years in business we know perfectly well that your employees' apparel is not only about functionality, but also about motivation, image and pride. Our workwear products project a contemporary, clean and aesthetic vision, creating an exclusive personal image. Our customers know that they can rely on us to deliver world class products with the highest return on investment on the market.

Over the past years we have earned the loyalty of highly praised organizations that rely on us to meet their specific objectives and provide all their employees' wearing needs. Join them now!

Thank you for visiting klothfine!

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